100 Cheeses Everybody Should Try


If you know me you know I’m really fondue (sorry) of cheese. So much so that when Matt and I got married we ditched the traditional wedding cake for a 5 tiered cheese stack consisting of: Goats Ash, Wigmore, Godminster, Oxford Blue and a Large Brie at the bottom (photo credit to our amazing wedding photographer: Jacqui McSweeney Photography). Heaven!

And so while everyone else was making new year’s resolutions to exercise more and quit smoking, mine was to try 100 different cheeses in a year. 

Camembert it any longer? Here’s my top 100 list of cheeses to try.

P.S. if you make it to the end I’ve added 6 of the best wine and cheese pairings.

Top 100 cheeses everybody should try once

  1. Limburger, Belgium
  2. Tcherni Vit, Bulgaria
  3. Royal Canadian Vintage Cheddar, Canada
  4. Fuoco, Canada
  5. Airag, Central Asia
  6. Fium’orbu, Corsica
  7. Brin D’Amour, Corsica
  8. Halloumi, Cyprus
  9. Esrom, Denmark
  10. Havarti, Denmark
  11. Dambuster, England
  12. Stinking Bishop, England
  13. Cornish Yarg, England
  14. Bosworth Ash Log, England
  15. Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, England
  16. Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, England
  17. Yorkshire Wensleydale, England
  18. English Farmhouse Cheddar, England
  19. Stichelton, England
  20. Gournay, France
  21. Camembert, France
  22. Mont D’or, France
  23. Brie De Meaux, France
  24. Comté, France
  25. Brillat-Savarin, France
  26. Époisses de Bourgogne, France
  27. Morbier, France
  28. Reblochon, France
  29. Beaufort, France
  30. Tomme de Savoie, France

Ricotta get through this… 

  1. Saint-Nectaire, France
  2. Fourme d’ambert, France
  3. Roquefort, France
  4. Port Salut, France
  5. Mimolette, France
  6. Muenster, France
  7. Charolais, France
  8. Pont-l’Évêque, France
  9. Maroilles, France
  10. Cantal, France
  11. Chaource, France
  12. Livarot, France
  13. Saint-Paulin, France
  14. Rocamadour, France
  15. Saint-Félicien, France
  16. Cabécou, France
  17. Pélardon, France
  18. Ossau-iraty, France
  19. Brocciu, France
  20. Cambozola, Germany
  21. Feta, Greece
  22. Mizithra, Greece
  23. Manouri, Greece
  24. Kefalotyri, Greece
  25. Paneer, India
  26. Gubbeen, Ireland
  27. Dilliskus, Ireland
  28. Durrus, Ireland
  29. Cashel Blue, Ireland
  30. Pecorino al tartufo, Italy

Getting feta up with this yet?

  1. Burrata, Italy
  2. Buffalo Mozzarella, Italy
  3. Grana Padano, Italy
  4. Parmigiano-reggiano, Italy
  5. Taleggio, Italy
  6. Gorgonzola, Italy
  7. Fontina, Italy
  8. Calcagno, Italy
  9. Piave, Italy
  10. Provolone, Italy
  11. Scamorza, Italy
  12. Asiago, Italy
  13. Ricotta, Italy
  14. Montebore, Italy
  15. Toma del lait brusc, Italy
  16. Cotija, Mexico
  17. Queso Fresco, Mexico
  18. Oaxaca, Mexico
  19. Edam, The Netherlands
  20. Gouda, The Netherlands
  21. Leyden, The Netherlands
  22. Jarlsbery, Norway
  23. Geitost, Norway
  24. Oscypek, Poland
  25. Queijo do pico, Portugal
  26. Pule, Serbia
  27. Parenica, Slovakia
  28. Manchego, Spain
  29. Roncal, Spain
  30. Mahón, Spain

Do you Brie-lieve it, only 10 left to go!

  1. Ibores, Spain
  2. Cabrales, Spain
  3. Raclette, Switzerland
  4. Gruyère, Switzerland
  5. Emmental, Switzerland
  6. Stanser Schafkaese, Switzerland
  7. Appenzeller cheese, Switzerland
  8. Monterey Jack, USA
  9. Colby, USA
  10. Caerphilly, Wales

You are so grate, you made it to the end (I promise I’m out of cheese puns now)! As a final treat, I’m sharing the list of wine and cheese pairings I was given after attending an event hosted by the Thames Valley Wine School. I’d really recommend one of their tasting evenings, if like me the extent of your wine knowledge is to always pick the second on the menu! And if you need some real expert advice about the best local cheeses in Berkshire make sure to give The Grumpy Goat a call or visit them in Reading’s quirky Harris Arcade.

6 of the best wine and cheese pairings

  1. France: Sancerre ‘Les Chailloux’, François et Jean-Marie Cherrier 2016 with Goats cheese from the Loire Valley
  2. France: Crémant d’Alsace Cuvée Julien Dopff au Moulin NV with Vallage cheese
  3. Italy: Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2015 with Taleggio cheese
  4. Spain: Rioja Reserva 2013 CVNE with Manchego cheese
  5. Australia: Jim Barry Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Coonawarra with Black Bomber mature cheddar
  6. France: Château La Caussade, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont 2014 with Blue cheese

Drop me a note in the comments below if you have any other good recommendations to add. Or if you’d like to get to know me a little better head on over to my about me page to see what else is on my bucket list.




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