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The 25 acre lavender fields, at Mayfield Lavender Farm, is located in Banstead just 15 miles from Central London. It’s a popular photography location and family attraction in the summer where you can wander through the fields of lavender. The purple colour of the English lavender looks beautiful nestled in the heart of the Surrey countryside and provides the perfect backdrop to a family photo shoot.

I visited the lavender fields with the kids in the last week of July when the fields were in full bloom. There was purple stuff everywhere! If you’re planning a visit make sure to take your camera and try out some of the below photography tips. And don’t forget to tag me with your photos on Instagram using #PhotoTipsbyAnna, I’d love to see your work!

6 tips for taking photos of kids in lavender fields

  1. Think about what to wear at the lavender fields

Before you start taking photos think about your outfit and how it can compliment your surroundings. What you wear can really change the look and feel of your photographs. You can’t go wrong with white, cream, light grey and blue. If you want to add a pop of colour yellow works well against the purple of the lavender.

  1. Check when the lavender fields are in full bloom

The lavender season runs from June to August but to see the lavender fields at their peak it’s best to visit at the end of July to the beginning of August. During this time weekends get very busy so if you’re planning a trip it’s best to visit in the week and get there early! As there is little shade in the fields try to avoid the midday sun (and crowds) and get there first thing or just before closing when the sun is lower in the sky.

  1. Use the rows of lavender as leading lines

Stand between two rows of lavender and have the kids run towards you. The rows of lavender work as leading lines, leading the viewer into the photo and towards the focal point which is the bolting bundle of joy heading straight for you!

  1. Take the lavender field rows from the side

Now move so you can no longer see the ground between the rows of lavender in the field. I love to play a game of hide and seek when getting this shot. As the kids jump up you’ll get a fun photo of them laughing with lots of movement.

  1. Don’t forget the portrait shots

Make sure to turn your camera and take some portrait shots. The leading lines of the lavender rows leading up to the sky line with the moody clouds really add some drama to the photo. This is also a good example of a triadic colour scheme where three colours are evenly spaced on the colour wheel. Here the purple, yellow and blue create a bold and vibrant colour palette.

  1. Take detail shots of the lavender

After you have taken lot’s of environmental portraits get in close and get some close up shots. Ask your kids to run their hands through the lavender or lie down amongst it then get in close and take the photo. A wide aperture works well here to get an out of focus backgroud (called ‘bokeh’).

Oh and one last bonus tip… Mayfield Lavender Farm run a photo and video competition every year where you can win £200. All the previous years galleries and winners are online to view if you’re looking for more lavender photography inspiration.

Interested in a lavender photo shoot with me? Contact me today and we can discuss your dream session!

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