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Not all heroes wear capes. Indeed, sometimes they wear dungarees, mum jeans, work boots, pyjamas on the school run, scrubs or (just occasionally) Saturday night heels around Reading town. When it comes to parents, there’s no one-size-fits-all template but make no mistake, they’re all utterly heroic. Anyone feeling their way down the path of parenthood deserves hero status in my book. 

No matter where you are in your personal parenthood journey, you’ll have heard this old adage before:

“They grow up so fast”

And it’s true. No getting around it, one minute they’re a tiny curled up ball kicking away in your belly, the next they’re packing up the car for Freshers’ Week. Childhood is precious and fleeting, so it’s a good idea to stockpile a few excellent family photographs before they fly the nest for good. 

I specialise in fun, gorgeous family photography that snaps up those lovely, fleeting moments and captures them forever. Your kids might leave home, but you can hold on to a memory forever.

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I’m Anna a Reading photographer (but you’ll have guessed that from my website address) and I’d like to tell your story. My work has been featured in Vogue Italia and I’m a guest blogger for Berkshire Mummies. I photograph expecting mums, babies and families in a relaxed and natural style that makes for beautiful family heirlooms that will fast become the most treasured possessions in your home. Your milestones are exciting little chapters that make up one magnificent life story – let’s get them in film.


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You totally get the value of amazing photos that can be treated as an heirloom.


You want an easy and fun family photography experience even Dad will enjoy.


You don’t take life in BERKSHIRE too seriously. The kids have feral days and that’s just fine.



Embracing the Beauty of Winter on a Maternity Photo Shoot

Embracing the Beauty of Winter on a Maternity Photo Shoot

As a soon-to-be mum you might be slightly hesitant to book a maternity photoshoot in winter, thinking that the cold and gloomy weather won’t do justice to your beautiful bump. But fear not, because a winter outdoor maternity photoshoot could be the perfect choice for you! Here’s why:

  1. The Winter Landscape is Stunning
    There’s something magical about a winter backdrop, with its crisp air, frosty landscapes and barren trees. I loved all the colours of the browned ferns and crispy leaves in this recent maternity photoshoot in February. We were also blessed with a cloudy day that provided the perfect lighting for the photos. The cloudy sky acted as a giant light box, softening the light and creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  2. Embrace the Season
    Winter provides a chance to play with your wardrobe, layering up with cozy scarves, hats, and coats that will give lots of variety to your photos. Not to mention, winter clothes are super comfy when moving around on a photoshoot. So, pull out those boots (I love the ones this client chose to wear!) and scarves and lets create some stunning winter maternity photos. Check out my Pinterest board for lot’s of winter outfit inspiration.
  3. Avoid the Crowds
    Booking your maternity photoshoot in winter means you’ll have the great outdoors all to yourself! With fewer people around, every location will feel super secluded and the only thing that may interrupt us is the odd squirrel or robin. Plus, with the shorter days, there’s plenty of opportunity to catch that perfect winter sunset.
  4. Capturing a Moment in Time
    By taking maternity photos with a winter background, you’ll have a wonderful reminder of how far you’ve come when your baby is born in a different season. It’s a beautiful way to document your journey and provides a unique opportunity to look back on this fleeting moment in time. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to get some fresh air and a hit of vitamin D before your little one arrives.

So, there you have it! Four great reasons why you should consider booking an outdoor maternity photoshoot in the winter. It’s a chance to capture some truly unique and memorable photos, play with winter fashion, avoid the crowds and enjoy some fresh air. Don’t let the colder weather deter you from capturing this special time in your life. Book that winter maternity photoshoot today!


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.

Outdoor Summer Family Photo Shoot in Reading

Outdoor Summer Family Photo Shoot in Reading

What could be more special than capturing the magic and joy of your little one’s first year? For this Reading family, it was a family photo shoot outdoors in the summertime. With golden hour light and a fun-loving daughter, this photoshoot was sure to bring out all the warmth and love of this happy family. Let’s take a look at what made this photoshoot so special!

The Perfect Setting

This family chose an outdoor setting for their photoshoot to make use of the beautiful summer weather. The golden hour light provided an ideal backdrop for some truly stunning photos that captured the emotion and connection between parents and their daughter. Sometimes the most simple locations make the best spots when little ones are involved. And this patch of long grass near Dinton Pastures Country Park was it. It was an especially meaningful photo shoot as they celebrated their daughter’s first year with these photos.

A Fun Photoshoot

Their daughter loves interacting with others once she becomes familiar with them, so being an experienced photographer meant she felt comfortable with me from the start. With the long blades of grass to play with and games with Dad, she couldn’t help but giggle away for the entire photo shoot! Her parents were also able to get some quality time together as I worked my magic behind the camera. As mum said,

Anna was truly the best photographer for my little girls 1st Birthday photoshoot. She made us all feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot, and managed to capture the perfect moments. Best of all, she captured my little one’s first time standing on her own which was truly magical.

The Moment That Will Last Forever

The most special moment of all came when their daughter stood up on her own for the first time during her photoshoot! This amazing feat showed just how much she had grown over her first year, and having it captured on camera meant that they would always have proof of this milestone moment. Now they can look back at these photos fondly as they continue on their journey as parents together – a journey that starts with moments like these!

Capturing your family’s milestones is so important because life moves quickly; before you know it, you blink and your baby has grown up! Outdoor summer photo shoots are perfect for families who want to capture those precious moments in time together in natural settings like fields or forests surrounded by nature’s beauty. If you’re looking to capture your own magical family memories, consider booking an outdoor summer photo shoot today! You won’t regret it – just ask this Reading family who can now look back at beautiful photos that will last forever!

Photo of a family sat in a field of long grass at golden hour in Dinton Pastures Country Park
Black and white photograph of a little girl showing her long eyelashes
Photograph of mum and dad swinging their one year old girl in a field of long grass


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.

Capturing Memories with a Family Photoshoot at Home in Windsor

Capturing Memories with a Family Photoshoot at Home in Windsor

Photos are an invaluable way to capture memories. They allow us to look back fondly on special moments, and share our experiences with others. But for many people, the thought of getting professional photos taken is intimidating. That’s why a home photoshoot may be the perfect solution for capturing your family’s memories in style.

What is a Home Photoshoot?

A home photoshoot is exactly what it sounds like – having a photographer come to your home and take pictures of you and your family. Home photoshoots are great because they make it easier for everyone involved. You don’t have to worry about coordinating schedules or finding a place that has the right lighting or background for the photos; you can just focus on being together as a family and enjoying each other’s company while someone captures those special moments for you.

How to Prepare for Your Home Photoshoot

Once you decide that a home photoshoot is the way to go, there are some steps you can take to ensure your photos turn out perfectly! First, pick out clothing that suits the occasion but also fits your family’s personality. Avoid busy patterns or bright colours that might distract from the photos; neutrals tend to work best. I’ll send you an Outfit Inspiration Guide and Pinterest boards to help with this part of the photoshoot! Finally, decide where in your house will be best suited for taking pictures; this could be outdoors or inside depending on weather and personal preference. Or a combination of both!

Making Your Home Photoshoot Special

To make your home photoshoot even more memorable, try adding some fun props or activities into the mix! For example, if you have young children, bringing along their favourite stuffed animal, book or toy can help them feel more comfortable in front of the camera and produce more natural-looking smiles. Another idea would be to incorporate some outdoor activities into your session such as playing catch or blowing bubbles – these moments will surely become cherished memories when captured through photos!

Family photos are important not only because they preserve memories but also because they remind us of how much our families grow over time and how much we truly love one another. A home photoshoot allows you to capture these memories without ever leaving the comfort of your own home – no stress or fuss necessary! Just make sure you do some preparation beforehand by picking out appropriate clothing and deciding where in your house would be best suited for taking pictures, then let loose and enjoy yourselves while someone captures all those special moments forevermore!

At home photoSHOOT gallery


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.

Autumn Family Photo Shoot in Finchampstead

Autumn Family Photo Shoot in Finchampstead

Autumn family photo shoots are my favourite. All those reds, yellows and greens make for a beautiful backdrop to your photos. And with the purple heather hanging on to it’s last few flowers it really gave this session a little something extra.

This photo shoot was given as a gift voucher to mum. Life is busy as a family of five but she really wanted to capture this special stage. Feeling like they were finally coming out of the baby stage with two children at school and one nearly two year old, it was the perfect time for an autumn family photo shoot in Finchampstead.

Anna did an Autumn photo shoot with myself, my wife and three young kids. The results were wonderful, capturing a moment in our lives, and we will treasure the photos for years to come!


This family love spending time outside, cycling and visiting new places. They also enjoy good food and homemade pizzas – a family after my own heart! The eldest is a huge Star Wars and Lego fan, and with a Lego obsessed daughter of my own I knew we’d have a few building tips to swap. The middle child of the family was a real people person and you could instantly tell she loved looking after her little brother. And what a cute little brother he was… he had me laughing so much as he kept chucking himself off my little stool and finding all the best sticks.

But something really exciting happened on this family photo shoot… the eldest’s first tooth fell out and it was a front one at that! So the session started with smiles full of teeth and ended in some gorgeous gappy grins by the end. Scroll to the bottom of the gallery to see the exact moment the tooth fell out!

Autumn Photo Shoot Gallery

Portrait of mum and her children on a autumn family photo shoot in Finchampstead

bye bye front tooth!


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.

Autumn Family Photos with Twins in Burnham Beeches

Autumn Family Photos with Twins in Burnham Beeches

There’s nothing I adore more than clients coming back every year to update their family photos. Especially when those family photos are with twins! I last shot this family on a very hot summers evening when the twins had just turned one. Check out the fun we had on their baby twin photoshoot.

Fast forward a year and we decided on an autumn photo shoot in Burnham Beeches. Shooting in a different season meant the photos would have a completely different look and feel to them. Wooly jumpers, warm winter coats and stomping boots were dug out. We had a wonderful few hours in the afternoon playing amongst the fallen leaves, ferns and wild horses!

The twins loved walking, running, playing with bubbles and chasing mum and dad around. This was a high energy session and we made it one big game. Any parent that has a two year old knows they just want to do their own thing. So the twins very much led the session and we all went with the flow. This meant we got some beautiful natural family photos of the twins holding hands and giving the best cuddles.

“What amazing pics! What vibrant colours and light! Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful moments which we will treasure forever. I cannot stop from looking and looking through the album!

— Paola, Mummy

I know this family has a digital frame where they upload all the photos from the session. It sits pride of place in their front room where they can all enjoy the photos together. I love the thought of the twins watching the photos rotate as they point each other out.

If you have a favourite location you would love to go on your outdoor family photo shoot then get in touch and we can have a chat. Or why not take a look at my other family sessions on the blog or some lovely reviews from previous clients.

Twin photoshoot gallery


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.

Sibling and Newborn Photography at Home

Sibling and Newborn Photography at Home

Newborn photography at home allows for a more relaxed lifestyle approach, especially when older siblings are involved. Lifestyle photography isn’t about those perfect posed newborn sleeping shots. Instead it aims to capture that authentic interaction between a family.

I love those pictures of newborns that are awake and interacting with their surroundings. There’s always smiles as they stare at their older siblings trying to copy their silly faces. And who can resist blowing a few raspberries to guarantee a belly laugh or two. Queue me having to wipe a whole load of spit off my camera and lens as little ones chuckle away!

More than likely most of the newborn photoshoot will take place in your bedroom or nursery. Although I’ll always hunt for the best light in your house. But if we’re near your bed and you have older siblings there’s a good chance we’ll be jumping on it for some action shots. Check out some of my favourites from this newborn photoshoot below.

There are so many benefits to booking a newborn photoshoot at home. Mainly because you don’t have to leave the cosy little bubble you’ll all be in. You can relax knowing you’re in familiar surroundings if someone gets hungry or needs a nap. There’s no strict timetable and I’ll work around you.

And because your photoshoot is at home you won’t need to pack lots of different outfits. I always recommend a simple plain timeless outfit. This mum hit the brief perfectly dressing her newborn and girls in neutral colours that will stand the test of time. They also work perfectly with her neutral decor keeping the focus on those cute newborn details rather than the outfit. If you’re after some more outfit inspiration you can check out my spring / summer or autumn / winter Pinterest boards.

You might be worrying about all the tidying and prep you will need to do for newborn photography at home. All I ask is you tidy the surfaces in the rooms we’ll be taking photos. For example, clear those bedside tables of baby bottles in the bedroom. Then pop on some clean duvet covers in a plain colour. I’m not worried about a few wrinkles in the bedsheets, no new mum has time for ironing!

If you’re looking for a lifestyle newborn photoshoot with siblings then drop me a message today!

Newborn photoshoot at home gallery

Black and white photograph of newborn feet
Photograph of older siblings hugging a newborn baby at home
Black and white photograph of siblings jumping on a bed at home
Photograph of two girls laughing on their bed at home


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.

Anna was amazing from start to finish! She went and scouted out the best spot, in our chosen location; she took all of our wants and needs into consideration; she made us feel at ease throughout the photo shoot, which resulted in some beautiful natural family photographs, with genuine smiles.



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