Capture the Magic of Golden Hour with a Sunset Family Photoshoot

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable family photoshoot experience, why not keep your kids up late and take advantage of golden hour? I love to capture the magic and beauty of a sunset family photoshoot. Let’s explore why golden hour is such an amazing time for family photography. 

What is Golden Hour?

Golden hour is that magical time of day when the sun creates a warm, golden light. It typically occurs right after sunrise or right before sunset and tends to be one of the most beautiful times for outdoor photography. This is because the sun is lower in the sky and its soft light creates natural shadows that can be used to create stunning photos. The colours are also warmer during this time, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere perfect for capturing those special moments between family members. 

It’s also worth noting that if you take your photos during twilight (the time between sunset and nightfall), you’ll get some amazing shots with beautiful hues of purple and blue as the sky transitions from day to night. The dreamy effects created by twilight’s ambient lighting make this time of day especially magical and perfect for capturing those special family moments. 

Why Should I Keep My Kids Up Late For A Sunset Family Photoshoot? 

A sunset family photoshoot can bring out more emotion in your photos. Since there isn’t as much harsh sunlight around during this time, natural shadows can help create depth in your photos and add dimension to each shot. This helps draw attention to facial expressions and create lasting memories of special moments with your family. Shooting during this time will make sure everyone looks their best by avoiding unflattering shadows or bright spots on faces that come from direct sunlight!

And since these pictures will be taken outdoors, there’s an added bonus of being able to enjoy nature while making memories together that will last a lifetime! Whether you plan on printing out your photos or making them into albums, they will serve as reminders of how much fun each one of you had staying up late together. Plus, it’s often easier to get kids excited about staying up late than it is getting them out early!

What are the average start times for a sunset family photoshoot?

If you want to get the most out of golden hour for your photoshoot, timing is key! Depending on which season it is, golden hour will start at different times. In Berkshire it usually begins between 4:30pm and 7:30pm throughout the year, but variations will happen depending on what month it is. In January golden hour starts around 4:50pm whereas in July golden hour won’t start until after 7:00 pm. This is one of the reasons Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons for family photoshoots.

Here is a list by month of the average golden-hour starting times in Berkshire to help you when planning your photoshoot:

  • January – 4:50pm
  • February – 5:20pm
  • March – 6:00pm
  • April – 6:30pm
  • May – 6:45pm
  • June – 7 pm
  • July – 7:20pm
  • August – 6:45 pm
  • September – 6:15 pm
  • October– 5:40pm
  • November– 5 :10 pm
  • December– 4 :50 pm

Sunset family photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique beauty and magical atmosphere. I specialise in capturing those special moments during golden hour – so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in booking your own sunset session. And remember, keep your kids up late – it’ll be worth it when you look back on these memories together!


If you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve seen here (and I do hope you have!) then don’t be timid, drop me a line and book in your family photo shoot with me now. Right this second. No time like the present.




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